Body Massages

  • Body Massage

    $1 per minute

    Hot Stone or Thai Herbal Compress
    $10 extra

    We use herbal compress and organic hot oil to detoxify the body, improve blood circulations, and help inflammations; reduce muscles and joint pain, hydrate dry skin, relieve stress, and promote restful sleep. The massage therapist will identify problematic zones that need extra attention, focusing on acupressure points.

  • Free Cupping Therapy

    FREE With 1 Hour Massage!

    Fall Massage Special from In Touch Hair & Spa

    Starting in October In Touch Hair & Spa will be offering free cupping therapy with a 60 minute massage! 

    What is cupping therapy?
    Cupping therapy is performed by a massage therapist using special cups to create suction on your skin. 

    What does it do?
    Cupping therapy is primarily used for pain, inflammation, and well-being in general. It helps increase blood flow and relaxes the body. 

    Who uses cupping therapy?
    Cupping therapy is used all around the world as it derived from ancient Chinese medicine purposes. It is also used by many Olympian athletes such a Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin. 

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Skin Care

  • Spa Facial


  • Acne Treatment


  • Collagen Treatment


  • Needle - Free Wrinkle Treatment


Our Signature detoxin pulls out dirt and toxins deep within the skin. With ultrasonic technology, result are seen right away.

Hair Care

  • Color or Highlight

    $45 and up

  • Women's Wash & Blow dry

    $15 and up

  • Women's Wash, Cut & Blow Dry

    $20 and up

  • Men's Wash & Cut

    $15 and up

  • Curly Perm

    $50 and up

  • Straight Perm

    $150 and up